IT Hardware/Software & Consumer Goods

IT hardware/software and consumer goods

We offer hardware, software and licensing procurement services that enable you to get the right products faster and more efficiently. We deal directly with the largest technology distributors in the world, receiving discounts and special pricing.We have direct access to technology companies and work with them to ensure that the solutions they are developing are meeting our customers needs.

We also offer wide range of consumer electronic goods ranging from office supply, technology gadgets and wireless accessories. NYC IT Inc It is committed to being a partner in its customer’s success. The company honors that commitment by always having in stock a variety of cutting-edge products at competitive pricing. By constantly adding new products, NYC IT Inc helps its customer stay current with the best technology for a range of applications. Plus, to make sure those products are in hand when they are needed.

If you would like a better way to source, purchase and implement technology contact us today to discuss our customizable procurement services.